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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'Tis the Season

'Tis the Season! No, I don't mean Christmas as that is already over. I mean, Awards Season! Yes, this is the time of the year where all of the "amazing" movies are coming out in order to be in the running for the Oscars. Sure enough, I already feel WAY behind. I acknowledge that the Oscars are months away, and I still have plenty of time. Even with that in mind, I still feel like I have barely seen any of the movies. Part of me always feels the need to see them opening weekend. If that has passed, I start to feel like I'm falling behind.

Movies I HAVE Seen

The Social Network

Potential Nominations: Picture, Director (Fincher), Actor (Eisenberg), Adapted Screenplay(Sorkin), Score, Cinematography, Art Direction

Black Swan
Potential Nominations: Picture, Director (Aronofsky), Actress (Portman), Supporting Actress (Kunis, Hershey), Score, Make-up, Costume, Cinematography, Art Direction

127 Hours
Potential Nominations: Picture, Director (Boyle), Actor (Franco), Score

The Kids Are All Right
Potential Nominations: Picture, Actress (Bening), Supporting Actress (Moore), Original Screenplay


Potential Nominations: Picture, Director (Nolan), visual effects, sound effects

Others I've Seen
Winter's Bone - Potential Picture, Actress (Lawrence)
Toy Story 3 - Potential Picture, Animated Movie
Love and Other Drugs--Won't be in the running, but it's up for some Golden Globes
How Do You Know-- TERRIBLE movie. Since it's a James L. Brooks movie, you would have thought it could have been in the running. Now that people have seen it, it's definitely not going to be in the running.

Movies I Still Need to See
True Grit
The Fighter
Rabbit Hole
The King's Speech
Get Low
Blue Valentine
The Town
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Even though there are strong contenders, it's too early to name my picks and predictions. I'm planning on seeing some more this week as I have Friday off and Sunday is my birthday. Hopefully I can knock out at least THREE this weekend!

-P McG
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