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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

St .Anthony Main Crawl--Keegan's

Trip#2 Keegan's Irish Pub
Monday, December 6th
IN: 5:33
OUT: 6:52

Being at Keegan's took us right back to the trip Claire, Amy Gerlach, and I went to Ireland in 2008. Don't let Amy fool you, we actually saw a leprechaun in a pub in Dingle Peninsula.

Paul: 2 pints of Guinness ($4 each during Happy Hour 4pm-7pm)
Claire: 2 Irish Whiskey and Ginger Ales

St. Brigid's Chips
Nachos made with thick wedge cut fries instead of chips, topped with bacon, scallions, tomatoes and melted cheese. DELICIOUS! Can we say addicting? Don't let me turn this into my late night drunken/hungry/haven't eaten dinner choice.

Paul: Bangers & Mash
Claire: Fish and Chips (advertised as "Best in the Twin Cities")

Paul: I first had Bangers & Mash in Dublin and really loved the dish. It's three sausages in a bed of mashed potatoes surrounded by gravy. There were caramelized onions on top as a garnish as well. These were very flavorful. The spicy sausage added great flavor to the potatoes and the gravy. I would definitely get these again. I can literally see myself getting this EVERY TIME.

Claire: Substituted a cup of potato leek soup instead of the chips, since she just had chips in the St.Brigid's Chips. A smart choice that I probably would not have been smart enough to make. Claire thought the breading was thick, but not too greasy. She highly enjoyed getting the soup. The potato leek actually had chunks of potatoes too!

We were delighted to hear live music throughout our meal. Two men were playing at a random table. The lighting was a little darker as well.

Be warned: They don't take American Express and our waitress was a little slow.
Overall: Highly enjoyable for a dinner after work. We both will definitely go back whether it's for dinner, drinks, or St. Patty's Day fun!
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