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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Movie Weekend Recap: Are you going to stop talking?

So I guess when you really do set your mind to something, you really can accomplish it! Too bad I'm not talking about anything major in my life. I'm only referring to the fact I was 3 of 3 this weekend on seeing movies Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Good thing they were all really terrific movies.

FRIDAY: The King's Speech

SATURDAY: Rabbit Hole

SUNDAY: True Grit

I would like to pose this question to my readers. When is the right time to stop talking when you are at the movie theater? The growing trend lately is that you don't stop talking. People are whipping out their cell phones throughout the movie or answering calls or translating the movie for the person next to them that doesn't speak English. I'm not making that last part up either. When I saw Julie and Julia, this guy translated the whole movie to his wife because she didn't speak English. Of course, they just HAD to sit right behind me. How dare he interrupt my Meryl. BACK to the reason why I posted the question. I went and saw The King's Speech with Erik and Joyce. We happened to go Friday New Year's Eve at 1:20 at the AMC Rosedale. We get there about 15 minutes early to find out it must be Seniors Day Out or something. The theater was PACKED. Immediately, I began to panic because I clearly will not be sitting in the dead center. We ended up sitting way in the front in the second row. We got there early enough before any of the trailers started and it was just the trivia showing on screen. Joyce, Erik, and I were talking DURING THE TRIVIA to get interrupted by this:

Old Lady in the front row: Are you guys going to be talking like this during the movie?

Paul: Actually, no. Talking in theaters is one of my pet peeves.

Old Lady: Well...that's good. We already have bad seats and I don't want to have to put up with you talking

Erik: I didn't realize there was anything that we need to be watching right now

Old Lady: Well...can you at least start and practice being quiet?

I was so shocked at what happened I was speechless. I have NEVER been told to stop talking at a theater. BESIDES, it was the TRIVIA. I would understand if we were talking during the trailers. Who stays quiet during the trivia? The theater was bustling full of people trying to find seats and talking. However, Erik, Joyce, and I were the loud ones. Need I remind you, I don't talk during trailers or the movie. I do find that trivia or the AMC First Look at Ice Road Truckers (or whatever show is coming soon on cable) to be the time to converse with your friend. I should point out that right as the credits starting rolling, the old lady turned back to us and said "Can you tell him (she means me) that I'm sorry I was such I crab?" I acknowledge the fact that she apologized. Most people do not apologize even when they know they are in the wrong.


The King's Speech

Director: Tom Hooper
Starring: Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter, Michael Gambon
4 out of 5 stars ****

Rabbit Hole
Director: John Cameron Mitchell
Starring: Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart, Dianne Weist, Sandra Oh
4 out of 5 stars ****

True Grit
Directors: Joel and Ethan Coen
Starring: Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Barry Pepper
4.5 out of 5 stars **** 1/2

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  1. Paul, you, and your blogs, are such a hoot! I love this story!!

  2. I believe when the lights go down the mouths shut up. Talking during trivia/ads is fine. Talking ends when the lights go down and the trailers start. Unfortunately, not everyone believes in the same level of respect as I do.

    I work hard at not going to big box theaters for the very reason (and others) your referring to here. The Highland or Grandview Mann theaters are where I go to see most of my movies and if they aren't showing what I want to see then I go to St. Anthony Main as these theaters are typically patroned by movie goers whom are more respectful.

    PS. She was out of line for saying what she said to you when she said it, bad timing. However, I'm pleased to hear she apologized.