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Tuesday, July 2, 2013



I alway like to keep a running tally of all of the new movies I have taken in over the year. Whether they are the new 2013 releases, movies from the last few years I'm catching up on, or taking advantage of the old classics, I like to see how my movie watching is growing or decreasing and what the 2013 movie year is shaping up to be like. Let's see how this year has panned out so far:

The Sessions
Promised Land
Broken City
Side Effects
Take This Waltz
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Oz, The Great and Powerful
Side By Side
A Separation
Wreck-It Ralph
The Silence
The Prodigal Son
Evil Dead
Days of Heavan
Jurassic Park 3D
Double Indemnity
Room 237
To the Wonder
The Place Beyond the Pines
Iron Man 3
The Paperboy
The Great Gatsby
Star Trek Into Darkness
Now You See Me
All Good Things
End of Watch
Lars and the Real Girl
The Way Way Back
Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil
Behind the Candelabra
Man of Steel
Beautiful Creatures
Not Fade Away
Identity Thief

That's a total of 45 movies. Only three down from the 48 movies I saw at this point in 2012 Here's the 2012 list. In my opinion, 2013 has been kind of a dud regarding the quality of films released this year. During the springs months, there seemed to be flop after flop opening each weekend, and I just did not feel moved to waste money on a movie that did not look good just for the sake of seeing a new movie. I recently got married and went on a honeymoon, so my theater going was also put on the back burner throughout most of this past year. I turned to Netflix Streaming to catch up on some of the classics or other movies I may have missed in the past years.

Back to the films of 2013. There were some definite standouts, but overall I found myself disappointed in many movies. Evil Dead and Oz, The Great and Powerful should have been great, but I left just appauled about how bad they were. I wanted to love The Great Gatsby, but left disappointed. What's worse, a movie that is bad because it's bad or a movie that is bad when it had the potential to be oh so good?  We still have the rest of the summer blockbuster season and the fall movie calendar looks to have some great selections, so I will be curious to see if 2013 redeems itself.

Best of the 2013 Releases So Far...

The Way Way Back
Side Effects
The Place Beyond the Pines
Star Trek Into Darkness

Worst of the 2013 Releases So Far...

Evil Dead
Oz, The Great and Powerful
**Boo on Sam Raimi for BOTH of these choices

I'd love to hear your thoughts!  What are your picks for best and worst of 2013?
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  1. I would put Oblivion on the worst list. The more I thought about it the more I hated it. It made me angry because it really could have been great!!

    1. I can see where you are coming from with Oblivion. I liked enough of it so it didn't make my Worst list. I do agree that it could have been great. I feel like if I like at least some portions of a movie it won't make the Worst list. I almost threw The Great Gatsby on there, but there were a few scenes and moments I really liked. Evil Dead and Oz were just all around wretched.

  2. Dude. 2013 has been AMAZING. A.Mazing. My Top 10 (which will likely be revised upon revisiting at least 3 of these movies, but will still likely include all of them):

    1. Frances Ha
    2. To the Wonder
    3. Upstream Color
    4. Before Midnight
    5. This is the End
    6. Iron Man 3
    7. Much Ado About Nothing
    8. Star Trek: Into Darkness
    9. Stories We Tell
    10. The Place Beyond the Pines

    Those #1, #2, #3 are all 5 stars and #4 and #5 might get there on a 2nd viewing. Last year? I had 2 5-star movies on my list (HOLY MOTORS and DJANGO) for the entire year. We're only halfway through, baby.

    1. Lydia-
      Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting! I am totally jealous of your movie going! You are definitely hitting up more of the art-house/indie films than I have been able to see. I've seen half of your list. I have NOT see Frances Ha, Upstream Color, Before Midnight, Much Ado, Stories We Tell. They were posters for Frances Ha and Before Midnight all over Paris. I thought of you every time I saw one for Frances Ha. I still need to see all of these at some point. I bet my Best of list would be different if I saw those. I didn't know you were a Malick fan! We'll have to discuss at some point. Ryan HATES his work, so I went and saw To the Wonder with another friend.

      I actually had quite a few 5-star movies from 2012. Django was definitely one of them. I have not seen Holy Motors yet, but it is on my Netflix Streaming list.

      Here's hoping for an even better second half of 2013.

    2. Upstream Color is now on Netflix streaming as well :)

    3. Nate- Thanks for the tip! I just went and added that and Primer to the top of my queue.

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