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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paul Thomas Anderson's Next Film

Harvey Weinstein Buys World Rights To Paul Thomas Anderson's Untitled Next Film

According to Deadline.com and MIKE FLEMING:
"The Weinstein Company has won a quiet but fevered bidding battle for worldwide distribution rights to the untitled next film by Paul Thomas Anderson. The film begins production June 13, with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix so far set to star. Megan Ellison is financing. It is Anderson's first trip behind the camera since There Will Be Blood." For the rest of the article click here

Paul Thomas Anderson is a true filmmaker. Some directors have one or two movies come a year. Paul Thomas Anderson releases movies pretty sporadically. He also writes his owns screenplays as well. A Paul Thomas Anderson movie is a Paul Thomas Anderson movie through and through. His movies are daring, provacativ, and quite shocking at times. He gets very raw performances out of his actors and challenges them to be their best. Burt Reynolds gained popularity again after Boogie Nights. One of Tom Cruise's better roles is in Magnolia as a motivational speaker for men's sexuality. Adam Sandler is at his best in Punch Drunk Love. Many of his actors have received Oscar nominations, and Daniel Day-Lewis won for There Will Be Blood. If you've never seen one of his movies, be prepared for an interesting ride. Some people love his movies and some people hate them. I'm still trying to convince a certain someone to like Magnolia...

Hard Eight (Sidney) 1996
Boogie Nights 1997
Magnolia 1999 --My PERSONAL favorite
Punch-Drunk Love 2002
There Will Be Blood 2007

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  1. One more for me to rent - Magnolia! Can I get it at Paul's Video Store? When am I going to have time to watch all these movies? Oh yeah, when I move to the lake!

  2. Cathy H.- It is definitely in the Paul Video Store.

  3. I think Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood are my faves. I enjoyed Magnolia but MOSTLY for Cruise's part. I thought it was a bit overly long for what it was. I still liked it, just my fav of his.