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Friday, February 21, 2014



This weekend brings a few more releases that you may find a bit lackluster. I was not able to attending any screenings of 3 Days to Kill starring Kevin Costner or Pompeii starring "Game of Thrones" hunk Kit Harington, so I cannot report whether they are worth your time, effort, and hard earned money. The Oscars are less than 10 days away, so it is time to get scrambling if you are feeling behind. There are some documentaries and foreign films I still need to check out. Check back for reviews of those to come soon! If you are feeling behind, I would like to recommend the AMC Best Picture Showcase. I am in no way affiliated with AMC, so this is basically free marketing for them. I can only attest for the numerous times I have gone to the all day marathon.

AMC presents all nine best picture nominees shown over two Saturdays or, if you are up for it, a 24 hour marathon blitz. As you may recall from my reviews or my Oscar Watch 2014 page, I have already seen all nine nominees. You may be wondering why I would spend two full Saturdays hunkering into a plush movie theater seat for nine movies I have already seen. It should come as no surprise that I love watching movies over and over again. Truth be told, this will be my third time seeing Nebraska and American Hustle. When films are this good, there is usually something different I take away with each viewing. Maybe I watch a different actor or focus on the script or the cinematography. The idea behind seeing them back to back really let's you put them into perspective. Which film really does stand out as the Best Picture of the Year? If I had seen them before, which holds up on its second viewing? Which gets better with age? I have a feeling I will enjoy The Wolf of Wall Street even more this time around. If you are an AMC Stubs member, you get $5 Stubs bucks per day on your member card to use at the concession stand. Mini breaks are offered in between each movie with trivia and prizes and a longer dinner break occurs later in the day. Plus, you get a nifty collectible lanyard.

Here's the rundown of each day:

Saturday, February 22
Dallas Buyers Club
The Wolf of Wall Street
12 Years a Slave

Saturday, March 1
Captain Phillips
American Hustle

I am thrilled to have a group of friends join us this year. I plan on live tweeting throughout so check my Twitter page for my random thoughts throughout the marathon. I should preface with the fact that it all depends on if Sprint and my iPhone will cooperate with me at the theater. The last time I was there, I could not get a darn internet connection to save my soul! FIRST WORLD PROBLEM, I KNOW!  Here's to a fun couple of Oscar filled Saturdays coming up!

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