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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July, where did you go?

Does anyone else feel like July flew by faster than it should have? All of a sudden I was flipping my James Bond calendar at work, and it donned on me that July disappeared.

Highlight #1- I spent four terrific days at The Cabin. The Cabin means the world to me. As a child, I hated going to the cabin. Now I should mention that there was no cabin at the time, more of a camper in a garage on a plot of land. Fifteen years later, my parents (and others) have almost finished building The Cabin. Talk about a getaway. There's something about getting away from your usual life/routine that is so refreshing to me. I can literally go up to The Cabin and forget about everything else in life. Pure bliss. It's even better when you can spend it with friends lounging on the pontoon drinking the day away, playing cards, and watching Drop Dead Gorgeous more than once.

Highlight #2- NEW JOB! I started working for Capella University, and it's been a quite a shocking surprise. Whenever you start a new job, there are trepidations that it's not the right fit or you hate your coworkers or it's boring as all hell. None of this happened. I have awesome teammates who literally make me laugh really loud ever day. I'm sure the people a few rows down are beyond sick of my obnoxious laughter.

Highlight #3- Fringe rehearsals. It nice to get back into the rehearsal process and know that I'm doing a show again. I haven't done a Fringe show in years, and it's been a fast process that I quickly had to adapt too. We open BAD DEEDS DONE BAD this Saturday August 7th at 10pm at Theatre in the Round. Here are the details if you are interested. Did I mention I play a teddy bear?

Highlight #4- Apartment Hunting. 8 apartment showings later and I finally found one. THANK GOD. No, seriously. I hate moving, especially the apartment hunting part of the move. You inevitably have to look at a bunch of duds before you find that right one. Now I just have to finish the novel of an application I was given and pack up all of my shit. I've got so much stuff I think I could qualify for "Hoarders".

Well Golden Girls is almost over, I'm getting tired, and my laundry needs to be put in the dryer. Cheers for clean socks!

-P McG
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  1. Ahhh Paul, I love reading your blogs. I think I've told you that before. I'm so happy that you like going up to The Cabin now and I hope that you will be able to spend more time up there with us some day. Glad to hear your new job is going well too. Can't wait to see the play, you will be awesome, as always! Good luck packing up all that "shit" you gotta move...didn't your mother teach you not to hoard stuff?